Tuition and Fees

Please contact us for information regarding tuition, including early-bird discounts.

Your tuition is comprehensive, and covers the following:

  • 18 months of classes, over the course of 24 months, alternating Saturdays (9:30 AM – 4:30 PM), September – June.
  • Weekend retreats. Your tuition covers all food and lodging.
  • All classroom handouts and related materials.
  • Cost associated with graduation and/or ordination ceremonies and certificates
  • The full support of your Student Advisor and members of the Advisory Circle

Tuition does not cover required texts, but much of your reading will be supplied to you.

“If your heart is moved by the possibility of participating in this program, let no perceived obstacle deter you! In my case, a friend who believed in me secured a low interest loan from the bank for me. This was much better than a student loan rate, and we worked out a payment plan I could meet.” D.D.

“The company I work for said that they would pay for the School!” E.B.




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