Advisory Circle

"The Advisory Circle motivates us to seek our own spiritual paths. They encourage and support us throughout our journeys." F. Leibman

advisory circleAn ethic of service is common to all great spiritual traditions. Members of our Advisory Circle embody this value through their passionate devotion to the School. All ordained members of the interfaith clergy, Circle members work in many ways to maintain the vitality and integrity of the School. With their leadership, close to one hundred individuals have graduated from the School since its inception in 1997.

  • Rev. Siobhan Comisky (SSM Class of 2006)
  • Rev. Caryn Cziriak (SSM Class of 2016)
  • Rev. Dr. Deborah Darlington (The New Seminary, Class of 2011)
  • Rev. Dave DiPasquale (SSM Class of 2002)
  • Rev. Susan Manning (SSM Class of 2000)
  • Rev. Annie Marans (SSM Class of 2000)
  • Rev. Ray Mattern (SSM Class of 2006)
  • Rev. David Perkins (SSM Class of 2004)
  • Rev. Brian Weis (SSM Class of 2006)


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