sample“It was wonderful to come into the School with a beginner’s mind. I felt met, and seen.”
D. Hazelton

“This has been the most authentic journey of my life. The School brings an intense and joyful inquiry to my most fundamental questions: Who am I? What is my purpose?”
P. Morris

“I chose this school because it cherishes all faiths and honors the spirit of “Tikkun Olam” (healing the world).”
F. Leibman

“…perfect blend of experiential and academic.”  S. Liggett

"… a place for spiritual exploration, enrichment, renewal, compassion and enlightenment."  E. Kravette

“I chose the School of Sacred Ministries because I wanted a bricks and mortar school, a real place where I could explore my life's questions as a member of a caring community.”  A. Marans

“The heart centered, experiential approach felt profound in its freedom.”  S. Manning

“I now have the opportunity to meet a very special need in the world by working in an open system that embraces all religions and philosophies.”  C. Post

"Transformative. My life has deepened and my spirituality broadened in spectacular ways."  T. Glatthorn

“As a Hospice chaplain, I now feel truly ready to serve people of all faiths (or none)."  J. Conaron

“I always knew that ‘God is One,’ but now I really get it.”  H. Burke

“At the School of Sacred Ministries I have been surrounded by people who want to think and work in a way that gives life meaning.”  R. Cauffman

“The School opened doors I never knew existed. As I examined and clarified my own belief system, I felt called to pastoral care. Now a minister, I have chosen to further my training by joining a large Philadelphia hospital’s CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) program.”  P. Petty

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