“At the School of Sacred Ministries I have been surrounded by people who want to think and work in a way that gives life meaning.” R. Cauffman

sampleThe School of Sacred Ministries is unique among interfaith divinity schools in the emphasis it places on retreats. Students attend several weekend retreats during the course of the program. Retreats provide students with the time to study subjects in more depth, as well as opportunities to reflect, build friendships, and connect with the natural world.

Our retreat centers vary, but they are generally located within an hour of the School. Each retreat center offers beautiful settings that support the contemplative nature of our weekend immersion studies.



"I am grateful for our retreats. They have generated a warmth between all students that have helped us develop what I know will be lifelong friendships." 
F. Leibman

"I find the weekend retreats to be deeply inspiring. I enjoy spending time with my fellow students and having an opportunity to study subjects in depth. Relaxing and exhausting at the same time!" J. Conaron

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