Our Graduates

“Oh, the places we will go!”

graduatesMany of us entered the School of Sacred Ministries as a result of a deep yearning to explore and deepen our spiritual selves. Others joined the program because we felt called to perform weddings and other ceremonies and rituals and wished to become ordained by a nationally respected interfaith divinity school. Whether we were seeking professional development or personal enrichment, an exciting, transformative experience awaited us all.

The transformation continued after we graduated. We continued our love of learning, finding new schools, new teachers, and new paths to follow. We left dead-end jobs, discovered new passions, and embarked on new careers and avocations. The School taught us that life is an adventure, and to treasure every day. Read a few of our profiles and see what awaits you!

Graduate Profiles

“What an expansive and clarifying journey this has been. The School opened me to a much deeper understanding of life and the mystery.”

Rev. Denny Daikeler

A teacher, speaker, and author, Denny Daikeler initially devoted her career in interior design to helping individuals create inspirational and powerful homes. Her trademark process, called “Finding Your Inner Blueprint,” was featured on ABC’s A.M. Philadelphia show for five years. Denny’s deeply personal approach to interior design eventually led her into issues of spirituality.

“In working so closely with people, I become fascinated by the common ingredients found within richly diverse cultures and religions,” she recalls.

“I wanted to study and explore this phenomenon with others in a supportive, seminary community, Denny enrolled in the School of Sacred Ministries. “I definitely did not attend the School to add a degree to my name. I wanted to explore. In the end, I found a way to grow my way of expressing belief, spirituality, love, compassion, mentoring and counseling.”

Since being ordained, Rev. Daikeler has authored two books. What Color is Your Slipcover, a book on the spirituality of design, led to a second book, MESSAGES: Flowing with Synchronicity. She speaks often at holistic centers and churches, and has served on the boards of many spiritual communities. She is currently on the board of Chapel of Sacred Mirror, the spiritual art community of Alex and Allyson Grey. Denny also dances with Gary Culp depicting themes inspiring expansion and compassion in all the stages of life, and is an instructor at the School of Sacred Ministries.

Denny lives in North Wales, PA, and divides her time between speaking, writing and grandmothering. Learn more about Denny at www.dennydaikeler.com.

“Attending the School for Sacred Ministries had a major impact on my worldview”

Rev. Bill Bloom

In addition to his work as a member of the interfaith clergy, Rev. Bill Bloom is an accomplished composer, arranger, vocalist, pianist, choral director and teacher.

Rev. Bloom is currently Minister of Music at United Christian Church in Levittown, PA. He has served as music director at Pebble Hill Interfaith Church Community, Bethel A.M.E. Church (Bristol, PA) and New Birth Progressive Primitive Baptist Church (Philadelphia). Bill is a sought after baritone soloist whose performances cover many musical genres from opera/classical to jazz and pop.

Bill has sung with Duke Ellington and his orchestra and has played the role of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. He currently sings with the acclaimed Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale. Bill was also a staff writer and producer for Philadelphia International Records, home of the "Sound of Philadelphia." Along with Frankie Smith, Bill penned and produced the seminal hip hop, platinum selling recording, "Double Dutch Bus," and introduced "F'SHIZZLE" into American pop culture.

Bill is a graduate of Temple University 's Esther Boyer College of Music. A father of three daughters, Bill devotes much of his time and energy fostering and promoting peace and goodwill among all people. He also takes great joy in performing a variety of interfaith services. Of one wedding Bill performed, a proud parent wrote: “…the entire evening people were marveling at how wonderful the service was and how, because of the way it was designed, it remained pleasing to everyone, [and] offensive to no one. [It] touched everyone’s hearts. Your personality shone through it all adding the shining touch.”

When asked if attending the School of Sacred Ministries shifted his perspectives in any way, Rev. Bloom replied,

“Initially, I was drawn to the school for its study of comparative religion. However, it quickly became apparent to me that I would pursue the ordination track. What appealed most to me at the time was the opportunity the program afforded me to be of service to others in a non-threatening way.

Attending the School for Sacred Ministries had a major impact on my worldview. It reinforced and affirmed my assertion that separation is an illusion and that the recognition of our connectedness, with all creation, eludes many of us. Exploring the origins and practices of the spiritual traditions, I found to be extremely rewarding. My life's path did shift in that my intention, which was stated during ordination, became to go wherever 'God' led me.”

Rev. Bloom has presented on the topic of Music in Ministry for the School's Divinity Program. If you would like to reach out to Rev. Bloom, send an email to contact@ssminfo.org and we will put you in contact with him. 

“I now have the opportunity to meet a very special need in the world by working in an open system that embraces all religions and philosophies”

Rev. Carol Post

“My life has been profoundly enriched by my decision to be ordained by the School of Sacred Ministries. I have the opportunity to be of true service. Today, my mantra when teaching or facilitating is ‘As above so below.’ I am tenacious about assisting others to embody that philosophy.”

Both as an artist and as a spiritual facilitator, Rev. Carol Post has experienced “the moment when judgment falls away and grace rushes in to fill the heart space.”

Carol, who has been working as an artist and studying and practicing metaphysics for over twenty years, says that the parallels don’t stop there. “When I tap into the muse, I am a woman of faith, strength and courage who is driven by the Divine/Spirit to make the world a better place. The canvas can be my own, or the co-creation that happens when working with groups.” Carol’s studies in metaphysics led her to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology where she is presently working on her Masters Degree leading to a PhD, also in metaphysics.

She has studied and worked with spiritual masters throughout the United States and Asia, and has completed additional training in Spiritual Psychology, Conflict Resolution, and Psychology of the Chakras. Carol uses her training in the Use of Light and Color for Deep Healing, along with her knowledge of the Chakras, in her private sessions with clients and in her workshops. To deepen her knowledge of Hindu ritual, Carol has travelled to Fuji numerous times, where she studied with Oneness University. In 2010, she completed her training and was initiated as a Oneness Trainer in India.

Carol has served on the School of Sacred Ministries’ Advisory Circle, where she was both a Student Advisor and Admissions Coordinator. When asked what brought her to the School, Carol told the following story.

“In a way, it was my father that brought me to the School. I was studying Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, CA, when he became seriously ill. I dropped out of this wonderful program, and took care of him for the next two and a half years. While I was deeply saddened over having to leave school, the time I spent with my father was truly God sent.

“Shortly after he died, a friend introduced me to the School of Sacred Ministries. I was not sure about attending divinity school, but liked the people from the School I had met. Despite my ambivalence, something kept me intrigued, and I enrolled. Throughout the program, I felt sure that I would not choose ordination, but then, as graduation neared, I experienced a real shift. I knew that something very profound was taking place and that my life would be very different.”

Carol went on to perform over 130 weddings, baby blessings and other ceremonies and rituals. She says that helping couples create unique wedding rituals that, by their choice, take them out of the dogma of religion “is work of my heart.” Carol works closely with each couple to help them honor their religious roots while they move toward their own spiritual path, one that they may follow through married and family life.

In addition to performing creative ceremony and ritual, Carol’s ministry includes spiritual guidance. Combining her knowledge, life experience and her love for art and creativity, Carol facilitates lively workshops and retreats. “When we allow ourselves to be fully immersed with Grace,” she says, “ We experience what it means to be the artists of our own lives.” You can learn more about Carol on her website, www.aheartofoneness.com.

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