Our Students

Outstanding students make for an outstanding program


Our students are caring and passionate. Their natural instinct to minister to the needs of others is what leads many of them to the School. In this supportive environment, they blossom, discovering how they can integrate their drive to be of service with their own spirituality, talents and dreams.

Our student body reflects a variety of spiritual beliefs, religions of origin, professional and volunteer interests, and socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. This rich diversity creates an exciting atmosphere for challenge, educational enrichment and growth. The deep life-long bonds our students form with one another are for many the source of the greatest, and most unexpected, joys of the program.


  • Many of our students work full or part-time. Others are retired or in transition.
  • Most of our students would say that they decided to attend the School because they were seeking an interfaith community in which to comfortably explore their own spirituality.
  • Many students initially attend the School for personal or professional enrichment, and have no interest in being ordained.
  • Since the first class convened in 1997, all of our students have chosen to become ordained, and many have gone on to perform ceremonies, rituals and other interfaith activities and services. Some, once ordained, have gone on to Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at area hospitals.

We draw students from a large geographic area including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

“As a Hospice chaplain, I now feel truly ready to serve people
of all faiths (or none).”  J. Conaron

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